Ep 184 - Fitou AOC


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This week we are talking about the Fitou AOC. Fitou is a small wine appellation in southern France that is a part of the larger Languedoc-Roussillon wine region area.

Wine Recommendations

Maison Carrel Sous la Montagne Fitou 2016 - priced around $25.

  • Deep purple color wine with aromas of candied strawberries like red Australian Licorice
  • It’s dry with medium plus acidity and tannins and flavors of red fruits, rock, violets and kalamata olives
  • Very fruit forward wine that smells sweet
  • It’s young, wild and rustic - like a horse that hasn’t been tamed - we would recommend pairing with food or let it age for a few years to mellow it out.

Gérard Bertrand Fitou 2009 - priced around $20.

  • Thanks to age this wine has the color of coca-cola like a brown-amber color
  • This wine is also very sweet smelling of dried strawberries and raspberries as well as balsamic and walnut
  • It’s dry with medium acidity and tannins with flavors of dried figs, molasses, balsamic reduction
  • We could smell this wine all day long so intoxicating
  • Wines like this makes us want to buy a bunch of wine to age and is definitely worth more than the $20 we paid for this wine


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