Ep 200 - This is Not Goodbye, it's See You Later


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This week we hit our 200th episode which is a huge milestone for us. We've made the decision to end Weekly Wine Show. It's a big decision and in this episode we reflect on our past four years and talk about what is next for us.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why did we start Weekly Wine Show?
    • One of the main reasons was we wanted to expand our knowledge of wine and thought a podcast was an interesting format for that learning.
  • Did we accomplish what we wanted?
    • Yes, we've learned so much and made so many connections through the podcast. This helped us lay the foundation we needed for what is next.
  • Why are we stopping now?
    • We've been putting out content non-stop for almost four years and it's time for a little break
    • Also, we originally started out this podcast to help beginners like us but we can no longer call ourselves beginners. So since it has fulfilled its purpose, we feel its time to move on.
  • What's next for us?
    • Although we are ending this podcast, we will be releasing multiple new podcasts and new content in 2020.
    • By the end of Quarter 1: Court of Wine podcast! If you are looking to be a guest on the show make sure you fill out the guest form on the website.
    • Spring of 2020: An mostly interview style podcast gathering stories of people's wine journey's who have been bitten by the wine bug.
    • Late 2020: A wine history podcast focused on interesting stories told in a storytelling format.

Although we will next be releasing new content for a little while, we will be active on social media (mostly Instagram and Twitter) so follow us if you haven't already. We will be providing news and updates so you are in the loop when new content is launched. Also, if you are still subscribed to Weekly Wine Show in you podcast player you will get promos for the new podcasts before they launch.

Thank you all for you love and support. There is no way we would have keep releasing episodes for almost four years without you. We are excited with what 2020 has in store for us and our wine journey. So thank you for listening and it;s not goodbye, it's see you later. Cheers!

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