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Ep8 - National Bubble Bath Day Today’s featured holiday is, “National Bubble Bath Day”! While the exact date when the bubble bath was born, we know it extends back to the 1930s. Bubble bath photos appeared with the marketing of a product called Dreft in 1933. A bubble bath scene was in the 1936 production of a play called, “The Woman. According the statistics site, “Statista”, the leading bath fragrance bubble bath brand is Dr. Teal’s Bath, followed by private label brands, Village Natural Therapy, Me Bath, Mr. Bubble, with other bubble bath products. As far as when National Bubble Bath Day came to be, there is no reliable information that tells when the unofficial holiday was first celebrated or who created it. So, how should we celebrate the holiday? The kids should not have all of the bubble bath fun! How about purchasing your favorite bubble bath product, drawing a warm bath where you can leisurely soak for an hour or more, pouring a glass of wine or a cup of your favorite tea, light a candle, and step into the sensual magic that only a bubble bath can create. Use the hashtag #BubbleBathDay on social media to share how you will celebrate National Bubble Bath Day. If you enjoyed the show, share this episode with a friend and family member. They’ll thank you for the gift. Tune into tomorrow’s show to learn all about, “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”! To ensure you never miss an episode, subscribe to this, “Weird and Wacky Holidays Show” by visiting WeirdWackyandTraditionalHolidays.com. You can listen to past episodes and subscribe to future episode on your Apple IOS device, your Android device, and through email. This is your host, Stephen Carter, reminding you, this day is special, and so are you. Have fun, smile, and enjoy your bubble bath adventure.

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