National Cuddle Up Day


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Show Notes: National Cuddle Up Day - Ep6 Today’s featured holiday is National Cuddle Up Day! For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, January typically is a cold, snowy month. Keeping with the cold weather, January is National Soup Month and National Hot Tea Month. So it’s no wonder someone came up with the idea for Cuddle Up Day. While there’s no reliable source to identify the genesis of this unofficial holiday, we know it’s a wonderful and worthy day to slow down and experience special moments. When we think of cuddling up, we usually think about spending time with a significant other in front of a blazing fire cooing romantic words of love and adoration. And that is certainly a wonderful way to spend Cuddle Up Day. But what if no special someone is available? Must you miss out on those oxytocin rich feel good moments? No! There are countless ways to celebrate National Cuddle Up Day. Do you have a pet? Dogs and most kitties love to cuddle. If you have a warm fire in the fireplace, pets can sit for hours soaking up the warmth and your attention. Do you love to read? Curling up on the sofa or in your favorite chair lost in a well crafted story is a delight. Hugging a favorite teddy bear or other stuffed animal as you listen to your favorite music while curling up beneath your warm blanket can be soothing and peaceful. Is there an old friend or a special someone you haven’t talked with for ages? Arrange uninterrupted time to cuddle up with a warm cover and catch up by phone or video connection. How about cuddling up with the deeper you? Brew a cup of your favorite tea and sit down with your journal in hand. Spend time leisurely writing about your deepest thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Need something to jumpstart your writing? Start by identifying three things you’re grateful for and why. Journalling is a wonderful way to connect with deep wisdom and spiritual guidance. However you choose to pamper yourself and create a warm, loving experience, is more than OK. I encourage you to celebrate National Cuddle Up Day in a way that enriches you in body, mind, and spirit. Why not share how you chose to celebrate National Cuddle Up Day on social media using the hashtag #NationalCuddleUpDay. In our next episode, I’ll share details about a special holiday I’m proposing that I believe will make our world a happier place. To ensure you never miss an episode, subscribe to this, “Weird and Wacky Holidays Show” by visiting and clicking on the “Subscribe” link. This is your host, Stephen Carter, reminding you that this day is special, and so are you. Have fun, smile, and cuddles up in a way that brings you feelings of love, happiness, and safety.

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