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Steven Libman is a Managing Partner and the Co-Founder of Integrity Holding Industry. He is also the host of the Podcast Free From Wall Street. He strongly believes that there is grace in giving.

Steven has a colorful journey with real estate as an agent, broker, before turning into an investor. He is an active member and sits on the board at their church, sits on the Rutgers advisory board on design thinking, and has been published in Forbes multiple times. In this episode, he shares how he invests with a purpose.

[00:01 – 05:37] How He Started Flipping Houses

  • Let’s get to know Steven Libman
  • Less volatile, more stable, more consistent than Wall Street

[05:38 – 08:14] There is Another Way

  • There’s nothing new under the sun
  • Minimizing your tax
  • Building relationships, raising capital

[08:15 – 14:03] How to Transition

  • Steven’s shares his real estate transition story
  • “Come to this deal with me.”

[14:04 – 19:22] Investing in Order to Give

  • Impact Investing
  • Growing in the grace of giving

[19:23 – 26:38] THE FINAL FOUR

  • What's the worst job that you ever had?
    • Removals for funeral homes
  • What's a book you've read that has given you a paradigm shift?
  • What is a skill or talent that you would like to learn?
    • How to surf
  • What does success mean to you?
    • “For those that know me well to love me most.” - John Maxwell
  • Putting actions behind your words
  • Connect with Steven. Links available below

Tweetable Quotes:

“The tax code isn’t there to penalize you necessarily. If you use it to your benefit, you can accelerate the wealth building process.” - Steven Libman

“There’s no shortage of need in the world.” - Steven Libman

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Steven by emailing, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Check out and start your impact investing journey.

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