Moving Forward with an Integrated Life with Daniel Croce


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Daniel is a co-founder and partner at Birgo Capital, a real estate private equity firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania whose goal is to partner with investors who want to grow their wealth and earn passive income through real estate investing. Birgo acquires and operates multifamily investment properties in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Birgo Capital specializes in real estate investment, affordable housing, multifamily investment, service-oriented retail, diversified office, Pittsburgh, capital preservation, private equity, and private equity real estate investing.

[00:01 - 07:17] New Career, New Strategies

  • Let’s get to know Daniel Croce
  • Daniel tells his humble and interesting backstory
  • Buying a house over an apartment
  • Income Oriented Fund Manager

[07:18 - 16:07] Diverse Investing and a Pandemic Strategy

  • The First Three Deals
    • 54-unit apartment complex, strip center, office building
  • Why Core Focus Matters
  • Birgo Capital is vertically integrated
  • The Pandemic Strategy
    • Daniel’s greatest strength and source of stress
    • The landlord is not the bad guy

[16:08 - 24:01] Moving Forward with an Integrated Life

  • Using social media in investing
  • Living an integrated life. The right work-life balance
  • Collaborative thinking and common grounds
  • Moving forward, getting to bigger markets

[24:02 - 32:18] THE FINAL FOUR:

  • What's the worst job that you ever had?
    • Auditing and accounting at EY
  • What's a book you've read that has given you a paradigm shift?
  • What is a skill or talent that you would like to learn?
    • Healthy avocation; learning to play the banjo
  • What does success mean to you?
    • “Improving lives in real estate.”
  • Putting actions behind your words
  • Connect with Daniel. Links available below

Tweetable Quotes:

“It’s really good to be on the landlord’s side of the equation” - Daniel Croce

“As an entrepreneur, sometimes you just don’t have the luxury of creating the right alliance between work and life.” - Daniel Croce

“Networking and being a part of a community, there’s give and take.” - Daniel Croce

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