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Johnny Lynum is an active duty United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, seasoned real estate investor, and entrepreneur. Johnny started his real estate investing career in 2010 and has extensive experience in project management, operations, marketing, and negotiations. Over the last six years, he has purchased and sold over two dozen single-family properties and one apartment across four different markets. Currently, he has a real estate portfolio valued at over $4.5M. Johnny holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from TUI University, a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Alabama, and Financial Planning and Services Certification from Northwestern University. Johnny’s first book, “Real Estate Success Strategies; What They Forgot TO Teach You In School'' is slated for publishing in Dec 2021.

[00:01 - 04:48] Air Force Officer

  • Let’s get to know Johnny Lynum
  • Balancing 16 Years of service and real estate

[04:49 - 21:39] Operation Invest Now

  • Real Estate is a Business
  • For all veterans out there, real estate can be for you
  • What to Do on Your Downtime
  • VA Loans
  • Coming Soon: Real Estate Success Strategies
  • A Story of Perseverance
  • Johnny’s most recent transaction
  • Getting more from smaller deals

[21:40 - 29:02] THE FINAL FOUR

  • What's the worst job that you ever had?
    • Working at Target
  • What's a book you've read that has given you a paradigm shift?
  • What is a skill or talent that you would like to learn?
    • Golf
  • What does success mean to you?
    • Time for you
  • Putting actions behind your words
  • Connect with Johnny. Links available below

Tweetable Quotes:

“Not every job is the same.” - Johnny Lynum

“During your downtime, maximize your time and use it properly.” - Johnny Lynum

“If you show up consistently, then good things will happen.” - Johnny Lynum

Connect with Johnny through Instagram, and LinkedIn. Visit his website https://www.opinvestnow.com/ and your freedom.

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