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Rachel Richards is a financial coach for millennials. She is the bestselling author of "Money Honey," and "Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement." Rachel is a real estate investor with almost 40 rental units. Throughout her professional career, she has experienced significant jobs in the field of finance particularly working as a financial analyst, finance manager, financial consultant, and sales manager. She graduated from Centre College with a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics finishing top of her class.

[00:01 – 04:15] Millennial Financial Coach

  • Let’s get to know Rachel Richards
  • Rachel shares about her life and love for travel

[04:16 – 09:14] Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement

  • Starting Honey Money as an introvert
  • Personal Finance is Boring
  • Financial Independence: Working Because I Want To
  • Rachel talks about changes in time and costs of living

[09:15 – 15:12] Exploring Passive Income Streams

  • Passive Income Strategies
  • E.L.F (Easy, Lucrative, Fun)
  • How to Grow Your Business

[15:13 – 21:31] Going Practical with Money

  • Changing mindsets, saving quickly
  • How to Make More Money
  • Time Commitment: What do you do from 5 to 9?

[21:32 – 30:38] THE FINAL FOUR

  • What's the worst job that you ever had?
    • Working at American Eagle and a cruel real estate working experience
  • What's a book you've read that has given you a paradigm shift?
  • What is a skill or talent that you would like to learn?
    • Become fluent in Italian
  • What does success mean to you?
    • Helping people achieve their financial dreams
  • Putting actions behind your words
  • Connect with Rachel. Links available below

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Tweetable Quotes:

“If I can just help one person, that’s all I want to do ” - Rachel Richards

“There really isn’t such a thing as a 100% passive.” - Rachel Richards

“Being too cheap and cutting corners can cost you more money in the long run.” - Rachel Richards

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