56 Disregarding Rules with Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Againsts Humanity and Blackbox


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In 2011, Max Temkin and several friends crowdfunded one of the most successful games on Kickstarter — Cards Against Humanity. On Well Made, Max is talking about Blackbox, the shipping company he co-created after realizing how difficult shipping a wildly popular physical product could be.

On this episode, Max talks about creating his own rules about doing business (4:54). He shares how they build Cards’s sometimes-inappropriate-but-always-hilarious brand of writing into the company (13:39). He shares more about Blackbox (23:30) and what they learned from shipping one of the most funded Kickstarter games (26:28). Even after rapid growth, Max talks about the growing pains of their startup (28:58). Max discusses the games he’s created and what he's playing nowadays (52:25). Finally, Max shares how a good game (and business) is all about creating a rich narrative.

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