Mother Wound Healing


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In today's solo dolo episode, Kayla's talking about her journey in healing her relationship with her Mom and her birth mother.

Today, Kayla is getting raw and real about her recent journey to heal her mother wounds and the steps she's taken to do so. While Kayla has been incredibly blessed to have the opportunities she's had because of her Mom and birth mother, she reflects on these relationships and the healing that lied within them. As she's been able to heal these wounds everyday, she's seen noticeable differences in the way she looks at relationships, her body, and herself. Whether you're someone who has had a difficult relationship with a mother figure, or someone who has had no relationship with a mother figure, she's sharing how she was able to heal from those experiences.

She also talks about:

  • Her relationship with both her Mom and her birth mother

  • The opportunity she saw to heal within both of those relationships

  • How she removed both of them from a pedestal and released expectations she had of both of them

  • The importance of mourning the death of the relationship (or lack thereof) at different stages of the relationship

  • Getting back into her body and reminding herself that she's safe

  • Practicing gratitude for both of their presence in her life

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