Curanderismo: What is a Soul Retrival?


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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ericka Buenaflor, author of Curanderismo: Soul Retrieval to share what the soul journey is about and what to do when a soul is fragmented. Ericka explores the shamanic healing tradition to identify and gather the sacred essence energy to heal the soul. How can we define the soul? What is the vital force that is within us to allow us to engage in the human existence? Do we need to travel back and experience the traumas again or can we travel back and see in a new light, in retrospect, to release the imprint? Who are your animal guides? What are the three worlds; upper, middle and lower? We are constantly doing a soul retrival. For more information on Ericka visit: For a free monthly newsletter from Dr. Jeanette visit:

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