Dr. Wysong questions everything about our existence; what are the answers?


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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Randy Wysong, DVM, author of Solving the Big Questions: As if Thinking Matters to discuss what are we doing here and what is this life all about? Where did we come from, why are we here and where are we going; this is the journey of solving the big questions! The big question can affect how we view our reality and conduct our lives; sometimes just the perception you have may be the answer to the questions. Do we always need an answer? Is it valid and true? What is the fact that you uphold? How is reality perceived and who is it important to? Are we not just many different cycles of energy within the universe; from our cells to the planets? Are we something more than the body that we occupy? Dr. Wysong asks all the questions we have through life on just about everything! For more information on Dr. Wysong visit: www.AsIfThinkingMatters.com For a free monthly newsletter from Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.com

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