How to be a Samaritan and Humanitarian; it is possible in this world.


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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Marta Ramos, author of Go and Do Likewise: 999+ Ways to Be a Visible or Invisible Samaritan, to show how to create humanitarian giving in your life. Giving, sharing, receiving, paying it forward and being able to accept: what is it all about? Do you just give at church? Do you still go to church? When we give, can we see that we also receive? How to be a samaritan, what does that mean? Do you hold on to what you have worked to acquire and feel you have ownership over what you have collected? If we live in the unknown and know there is a God, the universe will provide in faith and hope. For more information on Marta visit: For a free monthly newsletter from Dr. Jeanette visit:

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