Episode 81: Appalachian Gothic


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Bonnie and the Mere Mortals stop by to discuss the blending of goth and country. During the course of our conversation, I say “interregnum” a lot (again); we discuss what it means to play American music in a time of weirdo nationalism; I prod them about the ins and outs of collaborative song writing; we profess our love for Dan Bell videos; we share an admiration for West Virginia; and surprise surprise, the goth band decides it would rather live in eternal darkness.

You should check out Bonnie and the Mere Mortals excellent EP Tennessee on Bandcamp or one of those streaming services everyone seems to care about. Find out about upcoming shows through the Bonnie and the Mere Mortals Facebook Page, and if you want to book them they have an old fashioned web page.

I honestly don’t remember if anyone swears, but hey, the explicit tag feels comfy.

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