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Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, now that Rudy Giuliani has hired three criminal defense lawyers, “he’s going to sing” rather than running the “risk of ending up in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.”
Then, on the rest of the menu, Georgia is sued over their “absentee ballot law” that could disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters in 2020; the Trump administration ignored career State Department official’s warnings about ending refugee protections; and, the White House is urging private industry to “modernize” the national parks with a vision of food trucks, WiFi and Amazon drone deliveries.
After the break, we move to the Chef’s Table where an international “grand committee” called for a pause on online micro-targeted political ads with false information until the area is regulated; and, the EU criticized Russia for shutting down the second indigenous people’s rights group in less than a week.
All that and more, on West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy with Chef de Cuisine Justice Putnam.
Bon Appétit!
“Structural linguistics is a bitterly divided and unhappy profession, and a large number of its practitioners spend many nights drowning their sorrows in Ouisghian Zodahs.”
― Douglas Adams
"The Restaurant at the End of the Universe"
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