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Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, Trump’s Justice Department disclosed during the Roger Stone trial that Trump lied to Mueller.
Then, on the rest of the menu, California revealed for the first time it has been involved in an eighteen-month Facebook probe, and that the social media company has been stonewalling the investigation; rich, white conservative men are spending tens of millions to fund 'women-led' anti-abortion groups; and, many questions remain unanswered about the Ukraine disinformation campaign, so it only seems fair and balanced that John Solomon is forced to answer about a dozen.
After the break, we move to the Chef’s Table where Malaysia has detained Cambodian opposition leader Mu Sochua, after a news conference in Indonesia; and, two former Twitter employees, along with a third man, face US federal charges of spying for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
All that and more, on West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy with Chef de Cuisine Justice Putnam.
Bon Appétit!
“Everyone in this good city enjoys the full right to pursue his own inclinations in all reasonable and, unreasonable ways.”
-- The Daily Picayune,
New Orleans, March 5, 1851
Show Notes & Links: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/11/7/1897753/-West-Coast-Cookbook-amp-Speakeasy-Daily-Special-Metro-Shrimp-amp-Grits-Thursdays

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