S4 E17 A Rock and a Wi Pickle Tow, Harp Tunes with Special Guest performance by Simon Chadwick Introduction Edward Bunting and William McGibbon collection


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Big thanks to Simon Chadwick to agreeing to be on the Podcast this week! Check Simon’s current projects out here: http://simonchadwick.net/

Donald MacDonald Setting of Dogs Bite Chapmen: https://digital.nls.uk/special-collections-of-printed-music/archive/105683232

Donald MacDonald Setting of The Rock and the wee Pickle Tow: https://digital.nls.uk/special-collections-of-printed-music/archive/105683078

James Oswald’s Setting of A Rock and a wi Pickle Tow: https://digital.nls.uk/special-collections-of-printed-music/archive/94595720

William McGibbon Setting of A Rock and a wi Pickle Tow: https://digital.nls.uk/special-collections-of-printed-music/archive/105870582

William McGibbon Setting of If E’er you do well it’s a wonder: https://digital.nls.uk/special-collections-of-printed-music/archive/105870010

Edward Bunting’s Setting of John O’Reily the Active https://www.itma.ie/digital-library/text/bunting-vol-1 ON PAGE 41

Simon Chadwick is performing these dots: http://digital-library.qub.ac.uk/digital/collection/p15979coll9/id/112/rec/8
You can Watch his performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOP6Zeb2CnE
If you want to watch the lectures that I reference in the episode you can watch them here:
Simon Chadwick: Early Irish Harp Discovery Day talk, Galway 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd06Ca6kZXE&t=1901s
I misspoke, I thought Simon was presenting at Altpibroch, but it was The Piobaireachd Society: Simon Chadwick: Clàrsach ceòl mór. Presentation to the Pìobaireachd Society Conference:

And Finally O’Farrell’s Setting for Kitty Tirrell: https://digital.nls.uk/special-collections-of-printed-music/archive/87780470

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