Civil War 2: Schlichter’s Delight


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Donald Trump recently tweeted that an impeachment proceeding would instigate a second Civil War. This has been a topic of discussion on the right for a long time now, but it hasn’t warranted much attention because it’s such an absurd proposition. However, this week we discuss it and a Daily Beast feature about where the military’s loyalties lie--and why: (source

We also discuss Jacob Wohl’s recent caper and the fact that his extreme himbo Marine veteran’s sordid Elizabeth Warren tale fell apart instantly. Why? According to Nate, it’s because the O’Keefe-style grifter ecosystem has changed and become a bit trickier. (source:

This week’s Patreon bonus features yet another visit from Marine Todd, in which he reads a famously insane veteran outrage clickbait piece. We also have a discussion about how the veteran outrage business cycle works, plus a special visit from emotionally-evolved PhD student Marine Theodore. Get it on Patreon here:

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