What Is It You Can't Face?


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We'd like to introduce you to our musical-comedy podcast, 'What Is It You Can't Face?'. (Imagine that super awkward story you told your best friend, punctuated with parody songs about female ej%culation, period cups and upper lip hair.) In Season 1 of this comedy series, a queer, hipster, boy-band ambassador Dara teaches WASPY suburban mum Sarah (and all the other housewives wandering around Westfields) about sex and the female body via a series of absurd and super-awkward stories. ? ?Their only similarity is a childhood bathed in luxury and an adulthood absent of the fame and fortune their over-indulgent parents promised them. ? ?Over-privileged and under-recognised, these girls are self-professed 'celebrities in waiting'.... but while they wait, they may as well talk about vaginas. ? In Season 2, we deliver the educational training module "HOW TO BE FAMOUS", a masterclass in the art of being different types of celebrities, taught by celebrities. BECOME A PATRON! Support us by becoming a patron of our show. Only a few dollars and you are in the club! https://www.patreon.com/rss/youcantfacepodcast?auth=YpOGB7cAYPLhceVAjeg2ApCpFKCDHkam FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK @YouCantFace IG @ YouCantFace YOUTUBE You Can't Face Podcast EMAIL youcantfacepodcast@gmail.com

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