05. Our journey of what led us into energetics and spirituality.


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Our stories of what led us into energetics and spirituality. Talking about tools we have gathered and our experiences through life's challenges.
Jessica shared how healing herself from a re-curing brain tumor is one of the gateways to her experience with energetics and spirituality.
Amanda shared her introduction to energetics was not from a specific moment but rather a deep knowing of who she was. She recalls there was always someone in her life that knew some form of energetics and was inherently curious.
We pulled two oracle cards. One of the mantras shared was "I remain calm and in control of myself when the unexpected occurs, I know that dealing with the unforeseen is a bliss offered to me as divine providence."
Sharing the idea that if we think we have all the answers we limit our vision, and our ability to see. Allowing ourselves to open up to the idea of learning and growing and being a student of life gives us the opportunity to discover that we don't know, what we don't know.
When we surrender ourselves to something outside of us, we are forgetting that you have all the answers. You are giving your power away. Who I am has more power over anything.

The idea that is alchemy is manifestation. And trusting that everything in our life is in service to us.

Video on Gaia, The Power of The Heart
Book: You can heal your life, Louise L.
Oracle Cards: Deck was Sufi Wisdom Oracle by Rassouli
Two cards pulled: First was Do Not Be Frustrated
"Where is a rose without a thorn" Feeling unusually frustrated and irritable is an indication that you are burned out.
Second: Deal With The Unexpected
The unexpected events in life are gifts to us, can we see the wisdom they hold?

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