06. Are you a people pleaser? This one is for you!


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We hear you! Following a previous episode a listener and friend reached out and thought the conversation around being a people leaser, would be a great one to hear. THANK YOU for joining the conversation.
So, if you are a people pleaser, then this conversation is for you. Are you letting yourself down to avoid hurting another person's feelings? Are you uncomfortable with crucial conversations to set boundaries? Are you giving your power away?
Get familiar with what YOUR needs are. Ask yourself "What brings me joy?" Is this a pattern that is no longer serving me? Setting boundaries with yourself may be a great place to start!
Taking back your power, could be as simple as "No, thank you." And setting boundaries is important to your own self worth and over explaining yourself is unnecessary. We share more about the self-empower triangle, that you may find yourself in. Do you relate to being a rescuer?
When you continue to say YES without true authenticity to yourself . . . is your YES losing it's value? Do you have co-dependent relationship by serving others in an unhealthy way?
We share some tools that we hope you can use in your personal experiences.
Honor yourself, step out and empower yourself. Show yourself love, compassion and empathy in taking your own power back.

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