17. Part 2 of the Twin Flame Conversation.


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This is part two of our twin flame conversation with Angie Kirkham Goff.
If you're called to learn more about this concept, then this is where you're meant to be. If you've been drawn to know more about twin flames then lean in and perhaps there will be some topics that resonate with you.
We talk about karmic relationships, past life time relationships. Looking at two ends of the spectrum in our relationships in how we view the world. The yin and the yang of our lives.
What a beautiful web we weave as we learn more about ourselves as different relationships come in and out of our lives. There is no right or wrong; it is all part of our experience and something we choose to create. Everyone has a beautiful love story to choose into. Finding and feeling into your version of love.
Angie loves to break down names and numerology; and the meaning behind them to guide us on our life's path.
Want to connect with Angie Goff:
email: angeladawn@inlightenyou.com
Facebook: Angie Kirkham Smart

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