Episode 213: Stepmom EULA


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A content warning: this story kinda involves sex trafficking. We have agreed that we have to talk about the daughter in question as an adult, and the trafficker is a magic bear prince, but it's still a little uncomfortable at moments.

We're finally reading "East of the Sun West of the Moon." For a foundational fairy tale, it's got a lot of problems. This story makes a lot more sense when you think of it as a reality show run by a troll in the background. Just trust us, you'll see it by the end.

This episode brought to you by executive producer Ashton, Aarne-Thompson type 1558, "Clothes Make the Man"

Suggested talking points: Team Rocket acting class, Larry David clicks, barky jorts, child hyper beam, momtech, daybear, crag hags, curse regulations, knuckle nose

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