#45 -- Bernie the INDEPENDENT? + Fun Fast-Talking About Clinton Speech $$$


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Recorded April 24th, 2016.

Supporters are clamoring for Bernie to run as an Independent in response to Democratic Party collusion against him. While the changing demographics in America's voting population might favor such a change, we discuss why the clock and recent history do not. … Continued withdrawal from the Obamacare health insurance exchanges by major insurers are signaling the unsustainability of for-profit insurers covering low and middle-income Americans. Colorado takes the lead with an upcoming ballot initiative favoring Single Payer, and opposition to that measure proves the REAL reason Bernie's vision for access to health care in America "just doesn't add up:" it doesn’t keep money flowing into healthcare insurance industry coffers. … Chris Matthews is right: Bernie's campaign ad implying that legislators receive $200,000/hr for speeches is wrong. Okay, Chris – sitting elected officials cannot give paid speeches. But Matthews is really perturbed at Bernie's implication that the hard-working politicians in the Capitol building are somehow corrupt and on the take. We prove just how right Bernie is. Especially as the speechmaker Bernie is actually talking about (an ex-Secretary of State) serves a wide variety of special interests. The truth shall set you free – and assure that we all keep Feeling the Bern!

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