#46 -- Wall Street Tactics Attack + ALEX LAW Runs to Keep The Revolution Berning!


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Recorded April 29th, 2016. Bernie's laying off of part of his campaign staff finally gets him widespread media coverage, but the real story is the good news that many of those staffers are already organizing to get progressives who align with Bernie's platform into Congress. Regardless of the math, here is more proof that this is not the end, but only the beginning of a return to core Democratic values.

Dr K is not quite ready to accept Hillary's invitation to join her "pragmatic progressive" movement. Clinton says she wants to bring people together and not tear them apart, but apparently only if you come together with Establishment Democrats to throw millions of low and middle-income Americans under the bus when it comes to healthcare, education and child care.

And we talk to a TRUE PROGRESSIVE (like Senator Sanders) who at the age of 25 has a novel and innovative means of winning a grassroots congressional campaign against a Democratic machine politician in New Jersey. ALEX LAW is the future of the progressive political revolution, again showing how Bernie's candidacy is transforming politics from the ground up. See Alex's incredibly comprehensive and educational website at www.alexlawforcongress.com to see how you can get involved in his grassroots campaign.

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