#48 -- Maddow's MASSIVE Mass Media + Obama's "Yes We Can" Is Now "Don't Aim So High"


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Recorded May 13th, 2016. Establishment Democrats are calling for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race, but it's not just because they're concerned about exposing the hypocrisy and poor judgment of their anointed candidate. Calls for party unity fall on deaf ears as Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC look to silence Bernie's progressive agenda and empower the banksters at the Democratic Convention in July.

Rachel Maddow finds Bernie's discussion of MSNBC's corporate ownership by Comcast "AWKWARD." Gosh, wonder why it's such a threat to democracy to have massive media conglomerates invested in political dynasty?? Speed-listen your way through all the corporate media who have a vested interest in a Hillary Clinton presidency, once again affirming Bernie's assertion of a rigged system.

Sorry President Obama! We're no longer supposed to talk about a "rigged system," because as he said in his Howard University commencement speech, thinking the system is rigged "will lead to more cynicism, not participation--and less participation and a downward spiral of more injustice, anger and despair." We discuss why "hope and change" have been transformed into "despair and incrementalism," and how Obama has been forced to turn from "Yes We Can!" to, um, "No We Can't."

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