#52 -- The Post=Primary Podcast -- Keep Telling The Truth -- Keep Berning


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Recorded June 8, 2016. (After all state primaries, with DC yet to be heard.) There's a group that has been suppressing the vote, suppressing free speech with executive orders, and blocking information about the media's Superdelegate-picked presidential nominee. No, not those scary Republicans; this is the work of those "pragmatic progressives" (also known as Establishment Democrats). How deceptive do they have to be and how much devastation must their policies wreak before someone will tell the truth? Leave it to people like us (like you?), because apparently Establishment Democrats and progressive media are too busy cowering in the corner at the mention of Trump to speak it.

Long after this election is over, Bernie's transformative movement will continue. The movement will continue fighting for the disenfranchised, for those less fortunate, for criminal justice reform ...even if the Democratic Establishment, bound by the wishes of their corporate donors, only pays lip service to these issues. We persevere in our support of candidates who are Not For Sale, and join with progressives organizing to return the reins of government to the 99%. And right now, over at the What Would Bernie Sanders Do podcast, we continue to inform you how you can support progressive candidates and organize to fight the Establishment. Keep learning how you can not only Feel The Bern but Be The Bern!

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