#53 -- We're #1! + INTERVIEW with NY 3rd District Congressional Candidate JONATHAN CLARKE!


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Recorded June 16, 2016. We're #1! We're #1! Oh, but wait…. We’re #1 when it comes to gun violence and transforming other countries into terrorist havens. Dang.

Expanded instant background checks and keeping those on terrorist watch lists from purchasing firearms doesn't prevent 33,000 gun deaths and 85,000 gun-related injuries per year. Yet fear of the NRA lobby and flag-waving reverence for the Second Amendment keep our legislators from accepting that the Second Amendment is like a vestigial organ that should have dropped off long ago. At the People's Summit in Chicago, Tulsi Gabbard's speech exposed the fatal flaw in our foreign policy. While our leaders tell us we intervene in other countries to prevent humanitarian disasters, intervention actually leads to death, destruction, civil war, the spread of terrorism and refugee crises. We cite a study from the Independent showing that nine of the ten most dangerous countries in the world have either been recently invaded or occupied by....America! We are again #1. Um, sadly three of the most dangerous countries have gotten to where they are as the direct result of Hillary Clinton’s stint as Secretary of State. Ruh-roh...

INTERVIEW! We interview New York's 3rd District's Congressional candidate Jonathan Clarke, an authentic progressive who endorsed Bernie Sanders very early in the campaign and who firmly believes that our legislators need to be able to identify with the struggles of everyday Americans in order to adequately represent them.

Only Bernie's political revolution can save our country from a further descent into violence — one establishment politicians on both sides are prepared to escalate. People! Stay involved, stay aware, and keep FEELING THE BERN!

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