#58 -- It's Not Easy Bein' Green + BOTH Parties Hide The Truth


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Recorded July 21, 2016. It's not easy bein' green...or getting anyone from that party elected president. Bernie and Jill Stein are close in ideology, but clearly not at all alike in their ability to mobilize the masses. So what should we do? Infiltrate and try to reform a corrupted party, or build a new party from the ground up? Do we abandon Bernie's movement and his delegates who are working so hard for a progressive agenda?

And while the world was transfixed by a billionaire model and her plagiarism of the current first lady's words, the US committed an act of terrorism by killing innocents in Syria, a new report told of massive civilian casualties in Iraq over the past several months, and North Korea tested missiles with the potential to hit Guam. None of these stories made the front page or were mentioned by many corporate media outlets. Priorities, anyone?

During the Republican National Convention, nary a word was spoken by party members or the media about their platform. And while it's predictably anti-everyone-but-the-wealthy-and-straight-and-white, we expose the Democrats for being only marginally better in their proposals. And for hiding the truth, just like the GOP.

The Bernie wing of the Democratic party will not die. Support a third party, but don't abandon all hope that with our support, reformers like Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, Tim Canova and others won't transform a party of the multinational corporations into a party of the muticultural people. Keep Berning!

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