#59 -- THE PODCAST IS BACK - Keep Listening and Keep Holding Dems Accountable!!


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Recorded August 7, 2016. THE REVITALIZED AND REINVIGORATED WWBSD PODCAST IS BACK! We've got a new opening and new mission -- and even a SPONSOR!

First, we discuss a Democratic National Convention delegate's testimony and how the party's actions belie calls for "unity" and a move toward a progressive platform.

Speaking of actions not matching words, Joe Biden endorses Debbie Wasserman Schultz at a "Whip and Dip" in Florida, calling her a connected and influential party insider while marginalizing progressive opponent Tim Canova as a political lightweight. This is your reborn progressive Democratic Party...in reality just like the old one. Aargh! Say it ain't so, Joe!

Hillary Clinton short-circuits, and we have them um, "audio" to prove it! Dr K. always knew her circuitry would become worn. Perhaps this admission by Clinton herself explains her inexplicable behavior. Hopefully her circuits won't fizzle out when she receives that 3:00 AM phone call...

Bill Maher and a few of his fellow millionaires shout down Dr. Cornel West when he questions Hillary Clinton's judgment about taking out Gaddafi in Libya. Wait a minute... Are Democrats refusing to condemn the same deceptive tactics once used by George W. Bush to take us to war in Iraq? And why the silence regarding Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama bombing seven countries without a declaration of war? Gosh, the Muslims who live there are going to get SO angry...

We won't remain silent, and neither should you! Don't allow corporate media and Democrats to suppress the truth in favor of their donors! Let the Democrat establishment know we're out here watching, and when they screw up, let them FEEL THE BERN!!

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