#60 -- The Further She Gets From Bernie, the More She's Slip-Slidin' Away


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Recorded August 12, 2016. The FDA just ordered the DEA to maintain marijuana as a Class 1 (prohibited) substance, because it has no "currently accepted medical use" and "the known risks of marijuana use have not been shown to be outweighed by specific benefits." We tell you how Bernie saw it coming and why the FDA would make such anti-scientific claims (and it's not because of what they're smoking).

What?? Dr K. is a "privileged, sexist lunatic?" Well, he according to posts on social media pertaining to those who accuse Hillary Clinton of being the evader-in-chief. Are we as a people following the example of Clinton, Trump and their media in using identity politics to change the subject -- and obscure the truth? It's a slippery slope, choosing name-calling over reality. The further we get from the DNC, the more she's slip slidin' away... As soon as Hillary's not on stage holding Bernie's hand, she starts reaching for the hands of war criminals from the past. Host Darren is incredulous: Is she allying herself with Kissinger and Rice -- really? But this isn't just a "strategy" to beat the orange Creamsicle in the general election. It's actually an affirmation of Clinton's penchant for war. Hey, don't despair--Berniecrats are on the rise nationwide! We summarize several races and offer hope for an eventual change in the buyout of our democracy. Attend an Our Revolution event in your area and don't let 'em Douse the Bern!

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