#61 -- Bernie Pushed Her Left? -- Not So Much: Just Ask Pro-Fracking Salazar


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Recorded August 19, 2016. Hillary Clinton continues to show why the excitement over Bernie "pushing her to the left" and the "most progressive Democratic platform ever" is just empty rhetoric. Clinton chooses ardently pro-TPP, pro-fracking Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to chair her transition team, which means thousands of appointments will be made by a free-trade, fossil-fuel industry stalwart. Argh.

The debate between Tim Canova and Debbie Wasserman Schultz reveals the truth--Hillary and Debbie were separated at birth. And according to Dr K., both are afflicted with DFS, Donor Fronting Syndrome, and both clearly feel entitled to say anything and do anything to maintain their positions of power.

The main problem with a privatized health care system, aka Obamacare, rears its head as Aetna's CEO asserts his authority over the Department of Justice and pulls his company out of most health care exchanges. Perhaps Democrats will tone down their cheering for a system that puts bankers in charge of our healthcare.

Our Revolution marches on! Attend the online Our Revolution events in your area on August 24th. More info here: http://map.berniesanders.com Remain active and engaged in supporting the candidates who are Not For Sale and who uphold progressive values!

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