#64 -- TUITION-FREE Illinois! - Interview with IL State Rep + Do you have TRUMPAPHOBIA? Take Our Quiz!


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Recorded October 2, 2016. State Representative Will Guzzardi of Illinois' 39th District is heading up a sane, actionable effort called Tuition-Free Illinois, which will work for free tuition at Illinois public colleges and universities! As you'll hear, Illinois CAN AFFORD THIS. If you don't think so, listen here -- and to our last podcast with Tom Tresser, author of the book CHICAGO IS NOT BROKE, FUNDING THE CITY WE DESERVE, which discusses how much tax-payer-generated TIF money is sitting around, when it's not being ripped away and given to corporations like Target and the wealthy Pritzker family. Also on the show, hear how President Obama WOULD do more according to the interests of his heart, the same heart that drove him to be a community organizer all those years ago -- but for political reasons (read: the interests of big dollar donors) he cannot. Aaaand TRUMPAPHOBIA -- are YOU infected?? In the current media landscape, few are immune.

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