#65 -- They're Putin Us On! -- Fear-Mongering as a Devious Distraction


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Recorded October 13, 2016. They're Putin Us On! Red-baiting and fear mongering have been part of American exceptionalism since the 1950s and McCarthyism. Now the Democratic Party pulls out all the stops to divert attention from leaked e-mails from John Podesta and Clinton herself (among others). We discuss the clear evidence of how far Democrats will go to program the electorate by influencing media. We also see the futility of believing that somehow this election and Bernie Sanders have transformed Hillary Clinton into a progressive.

In episode 64 we called out the Obama administration and Secretary Clinton for approving $118 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which engages in war crimes in Yemen. Oh, man.... Those bomb fragments found at the site of a horrendous "oops" bombing in Yemen in which 140 civilians were killed and over 500 injured? The bomb was produced by Raytheon, the third largest military contractor in the United States.

If you want to hear the story of a representative who is motivated by his own experience with the rigged system, a man who will govern for the people, listen to our interview with Lee J Carter, candidate for Delegate for the 50th District in Virginia. This former Marine will wear his Code of Honor proudly in the Virginia House.

Don't do the Democratic Party's dirty work by cowering in the corner and parroting media distractions! (That means, don't just relay the Clinton campaign's tiiresome if true Trump tropes! Instead, spend time supporting down-ballot progressives who can and will make a difference.

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