#66 -- Prez Debate #3 + Why Teachers Strike -- An Interview With a Former CTU Delegate


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If Donald Trump's favorite response to uncomfortable debate questions is to defer to his indisputable greatness as the remedy for the country's ills, Hillary's defaults are the Children's Defense Fund and Russia. While the media conglomerate's reality show, partially scripted by the Clinton campaign, has been constructed to keep us on the edge of our seats in a neck and neck presidential "race", the timely release of a video featuring the same stuff Trump has been saying and doing his entire adult life seems to be the final contrivance to hand Clinton a victory.

Perhaps if America was better educated we would not be witnessing such a tragic spectacle as the current presidential campaign. We talk with Kiah Nolan, former Chicago Teachers Union delegate and current Chicago Public School teacher about the recently averted strike and why it seems our wealthy leaders see public education as a burden instead of a priority. We thought because Rahm Emanuel was planning to run for re-election that he was making nice with the union in these negotiations, but when it comes to public schools it appears the school closer-in-chief is never really very nice.

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