#68 -- NOW What Do We Do?? -- Andre Vasquez Talks Us Down + Legacy-Building Too Late!


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WWBSD #68, recorded 12/29/16. Do we have the power to head off Trump's agenda and push ahead with our own? Executive Director of Chicago Progress Andre Vasquez says we do, but not just through posting on social media. If we sit back while "our" party's administration is infiltrated by Goldman Sachs and the rest of Wall Street, and dismiss Hillary's financial industry entanglements, we can't be shocked when the Republican president-elect does essentially the same thing. Trump's cabinet is a natural extension of how Republicans and Democrats alike have been populating positions of influence in our government. Neoliberal or real liberal, we have the power to heal the Democratic party from the ground up. We can help Keith Ellison become head of the DNC, the first major post-election indicator as to which way the Democratic Party is headed. We can avert and dispel corporate and party media's brainwashing, which includes such messages as "It's not Free Trade, it's automation!" Um, actually, automation has taken a smaller bite than they'd have you believe. There's much to do! Stay awake and keep the sunglasses on, and educate and empower your fellow Americans! As we state in this podcast, one place to start is right here: http://www.chicagoprogress.com/events/

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