#72 -- Maddow's ONLY About Russia And Choosing Party Over People -- While Tulsi and Bernie Fight The Right Fight


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Let them eat chocolate cake...while we kill civilians. Who'll save us from WWIII? Certainly not the Republicans... but not the Democrats either! Prominent Democrats praise Trump's response to Syria and call for one of their own to be ousted from Congress for telling the truth! Of course, when what Tulsi Gabbard says exposes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Democrats once again choose party over people.

Speaking of party over people, Democrats start their "Unity Tour" with new DNC Chair Tom Perez visiting seven states with Bernie Sanders. And (we suppose) in the spirit of unity, Hillary Clinton now decides she's delighted with New York's free public college tuition plan, a plan she ridiculed during the presidential primary debates.

Bernie starts his own podcast (see below)! He offers reliable information about vital issues. This is the stuff that SHOULD be on MSNBC, but it appears Rachel Maddow and the rest think deflecting blame from the Democrats rests in massive amounts of coverage regarding.....RUSSIA! We give not only the disturbing numbers, but the irresponsible fearmongering Maddow engages in as the putative leader of the of the Democratic Party Media.

If you're still a fan of the very popular (according to widespread reports) Bernie Sanders you'll want to keep the focus on progressive struggles over education, healthcare and civil rights, and perhaps most importantly, steering our country away from nuclear confrontation.

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