#73 -- Dems AGAINST Single Payer! + STOP choosing Party Over People!


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Recorded May 5, 2017. Both parties have put us at the mercy of the for-profit health insurance industry for too long, and while Democrats sing "Nah-nah-hey-hey" at House Republicans for passing the treacherous "American Health Care Act", all this political football diminishes the health of millions of Americans . But the present charade on both sides of the aisle appears to have awakened many Americans and some politicians to the only viable answer: single payer healthcare. Debbie Wasserman Schultz says "MYOB" to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for DARING to question the judgment of Barack Obama for accepting a $400,000 speaking fee from a Wall Street investment firm. But the Democrats' close ties to Wall Street and Big Pharma are not only "our business"--they are a major reason we have Trump in the White House. Debbie and the Dems can run but they can't hide as we continue to call them out for working for the donors -- and against the interests of the 99%. "Progressive" media from MSNBC to Daily Kos attack Bernie Sanders for backing "anti-abortion" Democratic mayoral candidate Heath Mello in Omaha, and a "pro-gun" Democratic house candidate in Montana. As the Hillocrats look to marginalize Bernie, they offer insight as to why Democrats have lost a record number of legislative seats during President Obama's tenure. Only Bernie seems to understand the true meaning of a "50-state strategy!" Tulsi Gabbard is one of the lone voices for peace in American politics. Her profound message is being condemned by "liberal" media and Democrats alike, so it is up to us to help her spread the word! The tide is turning, the Trauma of Trump and deception of the Democrats is awakening Americans to the fact that we have to work together to provide the services we all need to survive, so make the calls, attend the town halls, and work for progressive candidates on the local level. That's the best way to make sure this administration continues to Feel the Bern! The What Would Bernie Sanders Do Podcast is Dr. Barry Kaufman with Host Darren Stephens and is produced in Chicago by Ruth Kaufman. Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/whatwouldberniesandersdo/. Learn more about how you can help the campaign by going to www.berniesanders.com. Find us on Twitter and Instagram @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann http://robinb.org/music.html.

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