#78 -- Russia Is A Mere Distraction From Democracy's REAL Destruction + Say "ABOLISH ICE" Without Fear!


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Did you hear that your Congress overwhelmingly approved a $717 billion military spending bill which included an $82 BILLION INCREASE (more than the entire military budget of Russia)? Or that Bernie Sanders' amendment to audit the Department of Defense, (which somehow lost track of up to $20 TRILLION over the past few years) was voted down by Republicans and Democrats alike? How about Bernie's bill to end our involvement in Saudi Arabia's illegal bombing of Yemen...again blocked by Democrats? Of COURSE you didn't, because everyone's obsessing over the Trump circus and Russia's meddling in our "democracy..." diverting attention from the fact that neither party actually cares about democracy!

But Democrats really do care about immigrants and refugees, right? Then why are there messages from Democrats at all levels warning that calls to abolish ICE serve as a "distraction" and "allow president Trump to paint Democrats as being for open borders?" Why are Dems unwilling to stand up against a rogue agency spawned after 9/11 that systematically terrorizes immigrants and violates their constitutional rights? Party leaders again fail to stand for what's morally right, favoring donors and highly paid (and highly inaccurate) political consultants over the safety and civil rights of immigrants.

As Bernie says, it'll take millions of us to spread the word about the realities of our corrupt political system and raise awareness about stories that have real-world consequences for the 99%. Start binge-posting the truth and/or binge-calling your representatives! Find local progressive groups and candidates you can become involved with! When faced with a media circus and corrupt political system, it's what Bernie Sanders would do!

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