17: Rebalancing the Work-Life Experience - Episode #2 - Inspire through culture to connect to meaningful work


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In the second podcast of the “Rebalancing the Work-Life Experience” series, we focus on two key qualities of a successful workplace: leadership and culture. Analysis from our bespoke Experience per Square Foot™ database demonstrably shows that culture is a tier-1 driver of workplace experience. Employees that have the strongest connection to company culture have the most positive workplace experience.
We also know that culture starts from the top, which is why culture and leadership are so entwined. In the current climate of managing distributed workforces, it is more important than ever for leaders to not only engage and inspire but also to trust. The combination of these three factors drives a culture that not only encourages, but also empowers employees to be their best.
  • Mike Eichenwald, Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry
  • Rachel Casanova, Senior Managing Director, Workplace Innovation at Cushman & Wakefield

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