20: COVID-19: Myth versus reality to combat COVID-19 (HVAC, deep cleaning and more)


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As shops, offices and other venues begin to reopen, helping ensure the safety of the places we’re returning to is top of mind for building owners, managers, workers and visitors. Our latest podcast brings in two facility services experts to talk about which technologies are proven, which are emerging, and which might turn out to be COVID-19 quackery.
Join Michael Creamer, Chairman EMEA for our Global Occupier Services group, as he leads a discussion with Joel P. Wheatley, ME, FMP, Sr. Director, Engineering & Maintenance, and Angel Doyle, Senior Director of Operations, of C&W Services. They’ll help sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Topics include UV light sterilization, nanotechnology, electrostatic spray systems, well building practices for indoor air quality including MERV and HEPPA filters, Ionization systems, and more.
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