#51 A Leftist Critique of Identity Politics, Reactionaries, and the Culture Wars with Ralph Leonard


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Ralph Leonard is a writer, Secular Humanist, and “Conservative Marxist” who regularly commentates on politics, economics, and the culture wars online. In this conversation we talked about the differences in how leftists (marxists, socialists, etc.) view class struggle and identity politics versus progressive neoliberals (free market capitalists). We also covered how topics of class, race, gender, and nationality have to be addressed in more all-encompassing ways than solely class or identity, how reactionary grifters hijack these complex subjects to further social capital in the name of free speech, and more. Enjoy! Follow Ralph on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/buffsoldier_96 Follow Ralph's writing here: https://medium.com/@buffsoldier_96 Hear him on the Michael Brooks Show here (patrons only): https://www.patreon.com/posts/71-p-clr-james-24438324

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