A Busy Body & Opposite Sex Friendships


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This week has obviously been incredibly painful and tragic so if you need a time-out to get your mind off how f-cked humankind can be, let us distract you. Maybe a picture of Lainey taking a leak in my backyard will help? Maybe talking about how HOT Harry Styles is will help? We got you.

Here's the picture, as well as our text string about it this morning:

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Then we tackle your drama! Our first letter comes from "J.C." who is trying to figure out what to do with his jealous girlfriend. J.C.'s best friend happens to be a woman and that has got his girlfriend straight tripping. Lainey and I are a bit split on our advice so if you want to throw your opinions in the ring feel free to email me.

Then we hear from "Midnight". She's stuck living with her bf's brother who is, in short, a nightmare. While her details are slim as f*ck, we help as best we can. Midnight if you're reading this, we need an update.

Finally, we end on "America" who feels like she's in the middle of some friend drama and her mind is spinning on what to do and how to help. While she has good intentions our advice is simple: BUTT OUT.

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