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Ayesha McGowan aka A Quick Brown Fox is our first returning guest! She’s on phase two of her mission to be the first African American Pro female racer, working on education and advocacy within the cycling industry to support more POC and especially WOC. In this episode we catch up on what Ayesha’s been up to, we play the Representation Game, and learn a killer recipe for coconut recovery ice cream. ~ Sponsors ~ Katusha Sports Wardour Studios ~ Guest ~ Ayesha McGowan ~ Additional listening ~ Listen to our LIVE PANEL recording "An evening with Ayesha McGowan and Jools Walker" Last year’s interview with Ayesha ~ Additional reading ~ It’s awkward to talk about race. Let’s do it anyway Diversity is cycling’s most urgent problem - here’s how to fix it Implicit bias at work ‘Resume whitening’ doubles callbacks for minority job candidates study finds Privilege explained Please people stop using bikes to whites plain privilege Tokenism in Nonprofits 8 ways people of colour are tokenised in nonprofits Cultural competency training the brown bike girl ~ Topics ~ Colorado Classic The Crash ! Emily Chappell - Chappetite Recipe Coconut Protein Ice Cream POWER BRAID Are you willing / keen to help us start a WOC cycling group? It’s awkward to talk about race. Let’s do it anyway Diversity is cyclings biggest problem here’s how to fix it The Representation Game. Visit the websites or social media of most bike brands, and play this game: a. How many clicks or images until you spot a POC? b. What’s the ratio of POC to white folks? c. Repeat a and b with WOC. Japanese Women sliding in Matt the Mountain Biker Learn wheel building with LBK Sopo - Atlanta Outside Magazine Stay Focussed App James Huang’s Article "JRA with the Angry Asian: Fun isn’t a four-letter word" ~ Track ~ Evangelion - A Cruel Angel's Thesis: Bike Horn Cover ~ Work handles ~ Look mum no hands! London Bike Kitchen ~ Our personal handles ~ Alex Davis Jenni Gwiazdowski ~ Follow us ~ Twitter Instagram

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