LIVE PANEL: The Trans Am Bike Race Debrief


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Racers from this year’s Trans Am Bike Race shared their stories and answered your questions on ultra endurance cycling at Look mum no hands! LIVE on Tuesday 31st July. The Trans Am Bike Race is based on one guiding principle: Cycle the Trans America trail end-to-end, as fast as possible in a solo, self-supported fashion. *Please note I fudged up the recording at one point and there is a moment of silence while they are talking!* - Editor Alex ~ Host ~ Ultra endurance cyclist Laura Scott ~ Panel ~ Darren Franks A veteran of numerous ultradistance races, Darren has always strived to make a hash of things in bold and innovative ways, in a bid to have the most interesting experiences possible. The Trans Am was intended to be boring and fast. It started well but some habits die harder than others. Twitter: @darrenfranks IG: @darren_franks George Driscoll George Driscoll is one half of David Beats Goliath, and indie folk band from Birmingham. George and Daniel Tovey went out and bought bikes after watching Inspired to Ride, particularly Mike Hall’s formidable yet humble attitude resonated with the pair. They found themselves at the TABR2018 start line, with the Be More Mike single they had recorded raising money in memory of Mike Hall in full swing, probably not enough miles in their legs, and definitely more than a little naivety. A few mantras and a LOT of granola got them to Astoria 35 days later. Twitter: @beatsgoliath IG: @beatsgoliath Stephen Haines A bike rider who is happy to spend time on his own, watching landscapes pass by under the wheels and listening to accents and language change. Veteran of Transatlantic Way 2016, TCRNo5 and TABR 2018. Instagram: @haines3308 Steven Pawley Disillusioned with the daily grind, Steven started his ultra endurance cycling career in 2014 by riding in an unsupported two-man team from Nordkapp, Norway to Cape Town, South Africa in 102 days - a world record attempt. Since then, he successfully completed the TCR #4 in 2016 and a 2,000 mile bike-packing tour of Australia. Despite knowing better, he then decided that North America, and specifically the TransAm Bike Race, was next. ~ Track ~ Evangelion - A Cruel Angel's Thesis: Bike Horn Cover ~ Follow us ~ Twitter Instagram

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