WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Kristen Wiley, Statusphere, CEO and Founder: Turning a Side Hustle into A Thriving Business


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While our guest, Kristen Wiley, was working full-time at an SEO and content marketing agency, she was pursuing her influencer interest on the side, blogging on food and crafts. As the agency started getting requests for influencer marketing from clients, they turned to Kristen who was the only one within the relatively small firm with influencer experience…or really any professional social media experience. So they gave her a budget and told her to run with it. As she did, she noticed a pattern that turned into an opportunity: while the platforms were mostly catering to the larger influencers, it was actually the smaller influencers who were having the biggest impact. But how to reach them effectively was a challenge. This disconnect between brands and bloggers planted the seed for Statusphere, the micro influencer agency Kristen started to get the right brand to the right influencer. Join us to hear her full story on how she filled this essential marketing need.




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