Meg Popovic X Marc Champagne - Mental Health And Wellness


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Meg Popovic is the Director of Athlete Wellbeing & Performance for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and for over 15 years, Meg has worked with individuals, teams, and organizations to develop resiliency, leadership, and emotional well-being. If you'd like to speak to Meg, you. can email Cody at: Marc Champagne is the co-founder and CEO of Kyō (kee-oh), meaning “today” in Japanese. As the name suggests, they focus on today. Their app helps individuals be mindful of today and appreciating everything today has to offer. You can find out more about Marc at: If you take anything away from today’s episode, it’s that we all need to talk more about our mental fitness. If you would like to talk, you can email Cody at: Where Others Won’t is recorded in Toronto, Canada, and was created by Cody Royle and Adam Esker. You can book Cody to speak, or learn more about his background by visiting:

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