Ep. 177 - CPAC Round-Up with Emmons, Paulina, Van Voorhis, Manning, Fournier and Sussman


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Ep. 177 - This fun panel filmed at CPAC wrapped up the week and discussed going forward. How did #AOC happen? Who will the #Democrats anoint in 2020? How has #socialism become a thing in America? Did #MichaelCohen hurt #Trump or only himself? And much more... including a fantastic 15-year-old scotch shared by all.


Anna Paulina: Turning Point USA https://twitter.com/realannapaulina

Ryan Fournier: Head of Students for Trump https://twitter.com/RyanAFournier

Peter Van Voorhis: Chief Strategist at Magnum Strategies https://twitter.com/PeterVanVoorhis

Rick Manning: Americans for Limited Government https://twitter.com/rmanning957

Dave Sussman: Whiskey Politics https://twitter.com/davidsussman

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