122: Frugal Living with the Frugal Physician


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If you forgot to live like a resident for your first few years as an attending physician, it isn't too late. In this podcast episode I interview Dr. Disha Spath, of the https://www.thefrugalphysician.com/ who did just that. They were stressed about money and making limit progress towards being debt free, so her and her husband made some drastic changes in their life. The result? They paid off $208,000 in student loans in 17 months. How did they do it? Focusing on the big expenses; housing, cars, and food. They tried to be intentional in their spending, ensuring that they were spending on things that brought them joy. Doctors are in the top 1- 5% when it comes to income in this country. If anyone can afford to not be frugal, it should be a doctor. But we also know that you can always out spend your income no matter how large. Listen to this episode to hear a discussion on spending tips for things that people spend a lot of money on and how you can maybe spend a little bit less. Choosing to be generally frugal and selectively extravagant will help you build wealth and live the life you want.

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