147: Being a Finance Buff with Harry Sit


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All of us can become a finance buffs if we are willing to put in the time to learn. Our guest in this episode is proof of that and is a bit of an of an idol of mine. Harry Sit has been blogging at The Finance Buff https://thefinancebuff.com/ for 13 years. When I was considering getting into blogging, I decided to reach out to the only two people I knew who had financial blogs, Mike Piper, who blogs at The Oblivious Investor and Harry Sit. I asked them what they thought about me getting into blogging as a business in the niche of reaching doctors. They were both very encouraging and gave me a couple of quick tips that really got me off the ground and running which I am very grateful.

Harry Sit and his wife are immigrants who came to the US in their 20s with just a few hundred dollars in their pockets. Now they are financially independent in their 40s. When they first came they didn't know how the financial system worked in this country and had to learn everything from how a checking account worked to doing a tax return. His first job after graduate school was in an employee benefits department for a large company. Part of his job was to present the company benefits to the new hires. He had to learn how a pension worked, how 401(k) worked, how the mutual funds in the 401(k) worked, and even what are mutual funds. Since that time he has developed an uncommonly in-depth understanding of the tax code and particularly retirement accounts. His message is really that all of us can become a finance buffs if we are willing to put in the time to learn. He will be a key note speaker at the WCI Conference in a couple of weeks, speaking about how to legally lower your taxes. If you aren't attending the conference you will be able to buy the videos and watch that talk. In this episode we discuss retirement accounts, getting financial advice, mistakes investors make, and more.

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